About Us

Our Journey

Toys are children's words and play is their language -Garry L. Landreth

Funride, an ISO 9001:2008 certified company, was established five years ago with the objective of producing a premium range of toys for children. The company is a sister concern of Dash, which has been in the toy manufacturing business since 1980 and is a well established, highly reputed brand, with more than three decades of expertise under its belt.

Childhood is synonymous with playtime, and toys form an integral part of recreational activity for kids. They not only stimulate learning, but are key in developing a child's motor as well as cognitive skills. We understand well the vital role toys play in a child's wholesome development; consequently, Funride's array of baby products, walkers, rockers, tricycles, cars, scooters, swings - besides being a source of entertainment, are of top-notch quality and safe to use, guaranteeing peace of mind to our clients. Our toys in vivid colours made from virgin plastic, are totally non-toxic, thereby ensuring that children are in no way exposed to harmful chemicals. We source raw materials from only the best suppliers in the market, because the quality and safety of our products cannot be compromised with.

The company has multiple manufacturing units throughout India, which means that we always deliver on our promise of on-time deliveries - something we take great pride in. Toys are a source of great joy for children as well as a means to communicate; kids often closely bond and form a relationship with things they play with. At Funride, it then becomes our dual responsibility to make sure our toys are of the most superior kind when it comes to engaging a child's interest and keeping them safe.

Design Excellence


Designing toys for little ones is serious business! A dedicated, competent team of concept developers and engineers at Funride pool in their creative resources to come up with products that are appealing to children.

Toys must stimulate a child's senses through touch, sound, appearance; so it's of paramount importance, that attention be paid to every aspect of the manufacturing process from start to finish. Our quality monitoring starts from the stage of procurement of raw material and continues right through. The company's engineering services are driven by the most advanced skills and technology in the industry.

Some of Funride's engineering capabilities and resources are:

  • A fully staffed engineering and design department.
  • A team of quality engineering professionals to maintain quality standards.
  • An in-house Tool Room equipped with the latest Scanning and Digitizing Equipment supported with the world class Milling Machine, Lathe Machine, Surface Grinder Machine, Spark EDM Machine and Drill Machine.
  • Our team of engineers combines a unique blend of creative design along with solid project management skills, ensuring world-class products.

Founder's Message

Vision is a force that pushes you forward and helps you achieve your goals. Without vision, you go nowhere.

I believe that is more important to build a strong company than a big company, and our management culture therefore reflects this ideology. Professional and timely delivery, pricing, quality, design - have helped secure a name for ourselves in a highly competitive market.

Perseverance coupled with dedication is the driving force of our company. It is my belief, that for us to grow, it is imperative that the customer's needs be prioritized and harmonized with that of the market. We constantly aspire to invent, improve, reinterpret our processes and products in an effort to bring nothing but the best to our clients.

As a dynamic organisation, we shall continue to push for growth along with profit, without diluting the core principles we stand for. Hard work, innovation and attention to detail have been and will remain key in the way we conduct our business. I hope just as in the past, in the future too our products will be a source of happiness and satisfaction for the end user.

Ravinder Kachru Chairman
(Baby Rides Manufacturing Association)